What are the Benefits of Flatbed Towing for Light-Duty Vehicles?

We’re about to go on a journey that will explore the advantages of flatbed towing service in Naperville, IL. What we need is a method that guarantees safety and peace of mind when transporting our car, SUV, or van. With flatbed towing, as opposed to conventional techniques, the vehicle is kept securely on a flat platform. This lowers the possibility of damage and stops wear and tear. Moving a vehicle from point A to point B requires a completely different standard of safety.

Join us as we explore the benefits of flatbed towing, the go-to choice for moving light wheels.

Damage Prevention

The increased safety that flatbed towing offers for light-duty automobiles is one of its main advantages. Traditional towing techniques may result in damage. With flatbed towing that keeps the vehicle entirely off the ground, it’s guarded against potential harm to the suspension, tires, and other components. This also gets rid of the possibility of extra harm coming to a car that’s already in poor shape.

The car is as safe as it can be because it is kept firmly in place on the flatbed. It keeps the vehicle elevated and protected from potholes, road debris, and inclement weather like hail or snow. This is especially beneficial for the intricate drivetrains of vehicles because it guarantees their protection through non-use while being transported. Overall, this ensures a smooth ride for your wheels.

Versatility and Compatibility

The adaptability of flatbed towing with light-duty vehicle types gets a two-thumbs up in practicality. A sedan, SUV, van, motorcycle, or even a classic car can be accommodated on a flatbed trailer. This adaptability is even extended to moving tiny trailers.

Owners of luxury or antique cars who place a high value on the safety of their prized possession prefer flatbed towing because it carries cargo rather than pulling it. Consult with a towing service in Bolingbrook, IL, if you’re thinking of flatbed transportation.


Flatbed towing comes in handy when a light-duty vehicle cannot be driven because of a breakdown. This enables the car to be transported to the garage while on top of the flatbed. Furthermore, flatbed towing is especially useful when moving automobiles with low ground clearance.

There’s no need for the tricky maneuvers used in other towing techniques. I’m talking about removing the back driveshaft and shifting into neutral to avoid damaging the gearbox. No more attaching the car to the tow truck is needed as well. Your car only needs to be driven up the platform and secured in place.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

That saying best describes flatbed towing if you compare it to what’s traditional in the field of transporting light-duty vehicles. This method reduces risks by safely positioning the car on a flat platform. It gives you peace of mind throughout the journey.

For greater comfort in the decision you’re making, it’s best to look up a towing service in Naperville, IL. They’ll surely tell you that flatbed towing will be damage-free and will require no mechanical adjustments to be done before the transport. Your ride will arrive at its destination in the same condition as when it was loaded. Get in touch with us at Classic Towing. Call 630-392-6844. Email them, if you like, at napervilleclassictowing@hotmail.com.