Towing vs. Roadside Assistance: Which Service Do You Need?

Towing and Roadside Assistance have some basic differences that not many of us have a clear grasp on. They occasionally go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing. When your automobile won’t start, a towing service may be needed. This service assists in moving your car to a secure location, such as back to your house or an auto repair garage.

The purpose of roadside assistance is to get your car going again. This is part of a package of services that provides repairs for minor problems. After that, you are able to drive the car on your own. In tow, the car can’t be driven and is either carried on a flatbed or pulled to another place for the needed maintenance. Both types of support are provided by a towing company in Plainfield IL.


Basically, a driver needs towing services when it’s unsafe or impractical for them to move a car by themselves. Car insurance providers frequently charge an extra monthly premium for towing services. Towing services may or may not be included in the roadside assistance packages offered by some companies.

Sometimes, those who opt for a tow won’t have the additional services that go with a roadside assistance package. On the other hand, others may prefer to have those extra services handy. In this case, it takes away the need to locate somebody else who can take over once the car has been towed home.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is crucial for every motorist. It offers us quick solutions to car problems through a roadside assistance plan. These services assist drivers whose vehicles break down or are stuck. If we were driving and our battery unexpectedly died, we could call roadside assistance, and a car mechanic would be dispatched by the shop to go over our car. Here is a list of the resources available to us:

  1. 1. Changing Tires – This is the most frequent cause for anyone needing roadside assistance. We should know how to deal with flats but not all of us can.
  1. 2. Fuel Delivery – It’s common knowledge that drivers who have faulty fuel gauges will run out of gas. It can be delivered to us right where we are.
  1. 3. Jumpstarting the Battery – Modern cars rely heavily on electronics, which puts an extra load on the batteries. Usually, winter is when most batteries begin to have problems, and that’s when they die on us.
  1. 4. Overheated Engine – In the event of an overheating engine, we need to stop driving and turn off the engine to prevent further damage to our car. It’s not enough to just wait for the car to cool down.

    5. Winching – Every now and then, we get stuck in the mud, snow, or, worse, a ditch. This is when we’ll need that powerful machine that can pull us out of our predicament, called a winch.

In the event of a need to tow, let’s make sure that we have the contact information of a tow truck in Plainfield, IL, or wherever we may be located, in our phone.

Availability of Towing or Roadside Assistance

Those of us on the road should be able to bank on an outfit that we can call on for help round-the-clock. It can be difficult to find one, especially one with the equipment and expertise to provide the services needed to get you back on the road.

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