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Light Duty Towing

Flatbed towing, wrecker service, recovery, & roadside assistance for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, pickup trucks, & vans in Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Wheaton, Lisle, Downers Grove, Plainfield, Oswego, Joliet, Lemont, & all throughout Greater Chicago and the state of Illinois.

Medium Duty Towing

Medium duty towing & roadside assistance for small buses, RVs, dual wheel pickup trucks, large vans, Pie Wagons, Sprinters, box, dump, & straight trucks. Medium duty tow service in Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Montgomery, Shorewood, Plainfield, Oswego, Joliet, Lemont, Chicago, and anywhere in Illinois or Northwest Indiana.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing & roadside assistance for semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, coach buses, RVs, & any large commercial truck. Heavy duty tow service in Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Montgomery, Shorewood, Plainfield, Oswego, Joliet, Lemont, Chicago, and anywhere in Illinois, Indiana, and most other states.

Landoll & Semi-Truck Transport

Landoll trailers for transporting construction equipment, generators, & shipping containers. Semi-tractors to move trailers and containers. Do you have a hot load but are short on trucks or drivers for the day? Expired HOS? Call for a semi-truck or CDL driver and get the job done.

Semi-Truck Service

Dry van, reefer, or container moves and transport service. Expired hours of service? Hot load but are short on trucks or drivers? Call for our tractor service or CDL driver and get the job done.

Towing in Plainfield IL: Things to do and Not to do While Waiting for a Tow Truck

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There’s something happening with your vehicle and you feel it’s about to conk out on you. And you also don’t have a clue on how to deal with such a predicament. Rather than blaming yourself, you should call for help immediately.

What to do is seek professional help for fixing your car problem or for towing in Plainfield IL. Do not fix your vehicle on your own if you don’t know the basics of fixing a car, especially if the engine is fuming with smoke.


What to Do when your Car Breaks Down

Now let’s talk about how to keep safe in the event you encounter such a situation. Here are the do’s and don’ts while waiting for towing services:


  • Turn on the Hazard Lights and Pull Over

To most drivers, this is an automatic response like a reflex in case there’s a problem with their vehicle. The minute you get a feeling like there’s something wrong, switch on the hazard light and slowly maneuver to the side of the road. This can consist of hearing a strange sound, getting a whiff of an unusual smell, or feeling like your car’s slowing down.

Don’t attempt to fix your vehicle if you don’t have an idea of what to look for. Let the repair shop handle it after getting towed.


  • Get Help

Once at a safe distance from the traffic rushing by, you can already act on the problem yourself. You can either reach out to a friend who lives nearby or call for professional roadside assistance. If you’re going for the last option, make sure you seek help from a company that cares about its clients and takes action immediately.

Make sure to let them know that you need assistance as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there’s a towing company in Plainfield IL you can rely on.


  • Don’t Leave Your Car and Valuables

Either remain in the car buckled up while waiting for your good Samaritan on wheels to arrive, or you could stay somewhere safe with your vehicle in full view and your valuables with you. Make sure to take along your cellphone, purse, and important documents.


  • Save Your Phone’s Battery

When you’re on the side of the road waiting for help, this will be the worst time for you to go online and scroll aimlessly on social media. If you can turn on or jump-start your vehicle, enough to charge a phone, then you should take advantage of it. If not, cut back on calls and other activities that aren’t related to your present situation to save your phone’s battery.


  • Avoid Interaction With Strangers

Motorists might pull over to offer help with your car problem or a ride to the auto shop. However, it would be best to not accept it, especially if you’re alone. It’s best to respectfully turn down the gesture and say there’s already a tow truck down on the way.


Road Assistance Isn’t Only About Towing

Do take note that there are instances your vehicle doesn’t need towing. Running out of gas, a dying battery, or having a flat tire is just a few to mention. A quality towing company offers a wide range of roadside services such as heavy-duty towing, fuel delivery, junk car services, and more.

As a highly known towing company in Plainfield IL, even officials trust Naperville Classic Towing enough to refer our services to drivers who ask for assistance. Since road accidents and vehicle issues are unpredictable, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be able to serve our clients.


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