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Safety First: Essential Maintenance Tips for Forklift Owners and Operators

forklift service

People say that nothing lasts forever. But if you are someone who values things, you will appreciate how appropriate care and maintenance affect the longevity of your possessions. In the process of keeping your forklift at its peak efficiency and performance, you have to understand and increase your knowledge about what is required.

Do you know that in the care and maintenance of your forklifts, putting them on several load shifts in Illinois can help reduce breakdowns? That’s tight! Your forklifts should be used every 100 operating hours or every 90 days. So, increase your productivity and the performance of your forklifts at the same time.

Here is an epitomized list of things to keep your forklift well-cared for:

Prioritized Cleanliness
You may have often heard the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. The best method to keep your forklifts in top shape is to make cleaning a habit and routine. One of the common issues owners encounter is overheating. Instead of focusing on the problem per se, it is more important to address what constantly causes the problem. That is, the presence of dirt and debris lodged anywhere near the mechanical system of your forklift. Remember that a clean forklift equates to a safe forklift.

Tire Care and Maintenance
Someone who constantly prioritizes care and maintenance in their work makes work easier. Wears and tears are prevented, and the forklift has a more proper grip when you put it to an immediate halt. Neglect and prolonged procrastination when it comes to caring for your tires can only result in unwanted accidents. 

Make it a habit to regulate your forklift’s tire pressure and check for any signs of leakage and other issues. Address any of these concerns before they result in disheartening outcomes during significant times.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement
Understand that the forklift deserves the same treatment as your vehicle. Imagine having hundreds of load shifts in Illinois you have to accomplish and being negligent or blind to the telltale signs of your batteries. One of the significant things you have to include in your checklist is to make sure that your forklift is running with sufficient battery life. Additionally, have your batteries tested on occasion to prevent the cells from drying out. 

Regular and Habitual Inspections
The maintenance of your forklifts does not center solely on the tires and batteries. There are more things you have to include in your checklist when it comes to making your forklifts work efficiently. Keep a close eye on the fluid levels, such as coolant, hydraulic fluids, and oil. Make sure that there is enough lubrication on the moving parts to avoid or reduce wear and friction. Regular and habitual maintenance and inspections of the overall components of your forklifts increase their lifespan and durability.

Forklift Operator Training
The training of your forklift operators matters too! Operating one should come with proper handling of the forklift itself. Being equipped with additional skills is a huge plus, especially being able to repair and prevent unnecessary strains on the forklift. So, have your operators receive the proper training!

If you are looking for reliable forklift service in Illinois and do not have to worry about unwanted breakdowns and disruptions to your work routine, entrust the lifting of your cargo and other essentials to the hands of Naperville Classic Towing. Message us anytime at 630-392-6844.