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Roadside Assistance for Electric Vehicles: Special Considerations

electric car charging

If you are going to envision the future, the first thing you might imagine is the complete takeover of technology with the presence of different robots all around us. But look around you, and you will see something more realistic than that. Different countries have started banning the use of oil products and encouraging people to opt for Electric Vehicles (EVs). As the Prince of Monaco, Albert II said that electric cars are the future.

Electric vehicles are foreseen to be taking over the future of the automotive industry. Their rising existence and convenience turn out to be amazing, considering that they are effective in reducing pollution. However, unlike gas-operated cars nowadays, electric cars need more delicate handling when it comes to roadside assistance. It is said that the future belongs to those who prepare for it, so here is a summarized list of special considerations every tow truck company in Naperville, IL, should know:

Charging Options
While some electric vehicles have sustainable energy from the installed solar panels on their rooftops, some may still be stranded. EVs that are out of charge are likewise the same as vehicles without petrol or diesel. So towing companies should offer portable energy charging services that can be equipped on their mobile vans and towing trucks. This can be a solution for EV owners who have range anxiety and think that running out of charge will be a huge inconvenience in the future.

Charging Capabilities
With the continuous rise of demand for electric cars, several countries have now made perfect destinations or locations for fast and convenient charging as a solution to the insufficiency of infrastructures that cater to EVs’ charging needs. Car parks, supermarkets, garages of establishments, and other reliable charging destinations are among the convenient stations to charge your EV.

However, in roadside assistance, which involves an urgent charge for EVs, tow truck companies in Naperville, IL, can offer a 30-minute charge for owners to make it to the nearest charging station.

Brake Problems
EVs usually last longer than standard cars because they experience less wear and tear on their brake pads, but that does not mean that they do not experience some malfunctions in their braking systems at all. They still do! That is why automotive shops and tow truck companies should know their way around using the appropriate brake pads solely for electric cars.

Dead Battery
The batteries of a burning motor vehicle and an electric car are different. Standard vehicles have lead-acid chemistry-based batteries, while electric cars are designed with lithium-ion. If you are dealing with roadside assistance that involves dead batteries in an EV, you will need a tow truck to bring the vehicle to the closest charging station.

Flat Tires
Electric cars used to have a disadvantage because they did not have enough room for a spare tire. EVs that are improved and technologically improved can now have a spare tire. But it is still convenient for EV owners to have a tire repair kit ready at any time. While a habit of daily maintenance and inspection is key to fewer flat tire experiences, towing companies can offer tire replacements.

Special Towing Truck
Towing companies should take extra precautions when it comes to towing electric cars. Because of the regenerative braking system of EVs, it becomes a challenge for towing companies to provide their services. A flatbed is the most recommended truck, as it reduces risks and guarantees the safety of the EV. Other towing trucks with hook and chain and wheel lifts cannot be used as they may puncture the EVs’ batteries.

Appropriate Carrier
There can be two options when considering the usage of carriers. You can either opt for an open or closed carrier, but the risks of open carriers are low, which makes them more appropriate to use when towing electric vehicles.

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned roadside troubles, do not forget to reach Classic Towing at 630-392-6844 for their outstanding tow truck services in Naperville, IL.

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