Qualities of a Reliable Towing Company

Heaven forbid that you end up with a fly-by-night tow truck operator at a time of need. You’ll be brought to the company garage even if the problem is a roadside assistance issue that could be fixed right there on the spot. That journey alone is going to cost you. Beyond that, you may even have to shell out more money for whatever hidden charges the operator could come up with.

One expects dependable service in times of emergency, and it’s exactly the kind you get from a towing in Bolingbrook, IL. Yes, there is such a company known for it. As long as you know what the specifics are, you’ll have an idea of what to watch out for. What makes a reliable towing company can be itemized in a shortlist.

24/7 Operations

“Please leave your name, number, and present location. We’ll get back to you as soon as we open.” That’s NOT what you want to hear when you’re calling for towing or whatever roadside service. Cars don’t follow a schedule for such incidents, and a company’s ability to be of assistance day or night is factored in as reliability. If the operation is not round-the-clock, then it can’t be considered dependable.

Roadside Services

Aside from the towing service offered by any reputable garage, there are other roadside services you should be able to call on them for. Your car battery dies on you, and you need it to be jump started. You have a flat tire and your spare tire is flat as well, or you don’t have a jack. You’re stuck in a ditch. You got locked out of the car. You run out of gas. These are just a few of the bummers you can have on the road.

Response Time

This is the best gauge of reliability. After you tell the company’s telephone operator, he or she should be able to give you an estimated time of the driver’s arrival. The time of day and the traffic situation must already be factored in when you’re informed when to expect help to get there. A good example of this kind of reliability is the towing service in Bolingbrook, IL.

Realistic Charges & No Hidden Fees

A reputable towing company must be willing to disclose its charges for the service you’re inquiring about. While the amount they quote might not be exact, it should be within an acceptable range of more or less. Hidden fees should be out of the question. A vehicle can’t just be towed to the garage, repaired for what it was brought in for, and then charged for both services with a surprise fee for the car’s overnight stay.

Licensed & Insured

The towing industry is strictly regulated. It’s for your own good that you deal only with a company that’s both certified to operate and insured against damages incurred during the performance of its service. With these regulations comes the built-in pledge that you will only be served by well-trained professionals.

So What’s Next?

Well, now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for in a towing company and what qualities they must have for you to say that the outfit’s reliable, make sure to know them by heart. Remember that there is towing in Bolingbrook, IL, that can meet those expectations.

The company we’re talking about is Classic Towing. We’re affordable, take pride in our fast response within Illinois, have various roadside services that you can call us for, and most important of all, we operate round the clock. You can call us at 630-392-6844 or browse through our website for more information.