Left Your Car Keys in a Locked Vehicle? Follow these 5 Tips

Some car owners have somehow locked their car keys inside their vehicles accidentally once in their lives, and they most likely agree that it’s not something you would want to experience.

Newly manufactured vehicles nowadays have remote-unlock sensors that guarantee you won’t get locked out, but it’s a whole different story for those who manually lock and unlock their cars.

Since we care about helping people out, we’ve listed ways to get your keys from a locked vehicle before resorting to a vehicle lockout service in Naperville, IL.

1. Spare Key

Like doors, we also get a spare key when we purchase our vehicle from a dealer or the previous owner. So before panicking and calling for a professional lockout service, look for that spare key first.

2. String or Fishing Line Method

If you have an old car with manual locks that require pulling the locking mechanism to lock or unlock, then you’re in luck. All you need is a 3-foot string or longer, and tie the middle of the string with a loop that can be tightened when pulled. The next step is to work the string on the door’s corner until the loop reaches the lock. Tighten the string until it grips the lock, then pull upwards.

And voila, you now have access to your vehicle again! This is one way to avoid calling a professional for a winch-out in Naperville, IL.

3. Wired Clothes Hanger

This method is a bit like the string method, but for vehicles with a power lock or unlock mechanism that can be pushed. The only thing you need to do is to disassemble the wire hanger into a straight line and insert it into the space between the doors, just above the door’s locking mechanism. Gently fiddle with the wire until it touches the button and is able to push it.

4. Call a Lock-Out Service

If none of the methods listed above apply to your vehicle, it’s time to contact a professional, such as Classic Towing. Lock-out service providers are trained to unlock vehicles, whether they’re new or old, with the help of their modern tools. If you want to avoid breaking your glass windows at all costs, paying someone to unlock your car will be worth it.

5. Call the Police

This is the last resort in emergency situations. If there’s a child or animal locked inside a hot vehicle, calling the police is the best option rather than calling 911 because you can find them patrolling near your location. But since this is an emergency, get ready to have your car windows smashed to open the vehicle.

If you ever leave your car keys locked inside the vehicle, don’t panic and look for ways to get them back. But if any of the methods don’t work out for you, then that’s when you need to call for professional help.

If you’re looking for a vehicle lockout provider in Naperville, IL, give us a call at Classic Towing. We specialize in providing towing services, but we also offer lock-out, winch-out, tire change, fuel delivery, jump-start, load shift transfer, and accident recovery services. You can call us at 630-392-6844 any time of the day as we are open 24/7.